Gerry Stephens, 2001

Vice President of Membership

Dana McCormick, 1982

Vice President of the Treasury

Suzanne High, 1999

Vice President of Scholarship & Student Relations

Anthony Chipriano, 2005

Vice President of Marketing & Communications    

Morgan Rudeau, 2018


Use of pictures and video: By participating in events, you are consenting to being photographed or filmed for use in Penn State or group marketing materials.  We will do our best to honor individual requests but do not guarantee them.

Endorsements: While the Alumni Association encourages our alumni to participate in all elections in which they are eligible to vote, Penn State Alumni Association affiliate groups are not permitted to endorse or imply endorsement of specific candidates, groups of candidates, or advocacy groups backing/opposing specific candidates participating in or running for election to the Penn State Board of Trustees, the Alumni Association’s Alumni Council, or any political office. This includes sharing the names of individuals trying to obtain a nomination to be included on a ballot as well as the election itself. This is a long-standing policy that supports our mission of inclusiveness and respect for the diverse viewpoints of all alumni and members. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this policy.

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