**Due to Labor Day weekend our next Chapter meeting will be on 8/30 at 7PM at the Capital Crave rather than on 9/6.**

Chapter Meetings: Our monthly meetings serve as both a Chapter meeting and an Exec Board meeting with a focus on event planning. They're typically on the 1st Monday of the month at 7PM. Subscribe or register on Eventbrite for meeting details.

Wisconsin Watch Party

9/4/21, Noon kick

It's football season!  That means your local Penn State family will be watching the game at the Capital Crave (5901 Old National Pike, Frederick, MD 21702).  The theme for this watch party is Membership.  This is the event where we typically capture the most in person applications for membership throughout the year.  This year we are also reaching out to the families of local students attending Penn State.  We encourage them to come so that they can meet each other and to be welcomed into our group regardless of their collegiate affiliation.  New members and families of local students will get a gift for attending.

COVID NOTES: There are no outside TVs at Capital Crave.  At the time of this posting the venue has not placed any COVID restrictions above and beyond what the local ordinances have put in place.  We ask that you bring and prepare to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.  At the time of this posting there is a mask mandate for inside events that applies to all Penn State University affiliated events.